Thursday, 19 July 2018


Aquí teniu els links dels àlbums de fotos de les 3 setmanes de casal i el vídeo. Gaudiu-les!





Friday, 29 June 2018

(Backup) First week over!

Wow, the first week have already finished and we havens realised. That means we are having so much fun!!! Today it has been a very special day, the water in Malgrat was so clean and calm that we have been swimming and playing in the water for more than two hours. Today we have insisted even more with the sunscreen. We hope that nobody gets red skin tomorrow.

We have gone to have lunch as every year to a great park, but unfortunately it was closed because they were filming a spot. But no worries, we have found a plan b place very near, a small forest with nice shade to have lunch. We have rested, explored and finally we have had the option to have an ice cream.

Here you have some pictures of this morning. During the weekend well upload an album with all the pictures that we have taken this week. For the ones that do not continue next week: have a nice summer!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Up in the sky

It’s been a fantastic excursion day! First we’ve been doing on of the greatest activities of this week: the Bosc Urbà. The expert monitors have divided the kids in three groups and they done the suitable activity for their age and heigh. We have many pictures and videos of them. All of them have done it great!

After this great activity, we have gin to to the swimminpool/beach in the Forum. We have had lunch under the shade and we have been swimming and playing all the afternoon.

Remember that tomorrow is swiminpoll day and they have to bring the proper outfit (gorro de bany també!)

Encara falten algunas autoritzacions de droga d’imatge i per això no publicarem cap foto fins tenir-les totes. Però no us preocupeu, en tenim!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Ready, steady... GOOOO!!!!

We start the adventure one more year! Did you miss us? The team of monitors have been looking forward these amazing three weeks. We are going to have so much fun all together.

This morning we have started preparing the show that we will perform on Thursday afternoon, no spoilers, you’ll have to wait to know more. After that we have played some short games like ‘kill the rabbit’ or ‘stop’. We have finish the morning finding up who are the members of each team with a hidden puzzle and gathering energy for our time machine in order to make it work.

After having lunch and enjoying some free time we have done a classic: the flags! We have chosen a really cool name for each team and we have created a fantastic flag. They will be soon hung in the cloister.

Perdoneu que avui no puguem pujar fotos, però és important que signeu el document de la nova llei de drets d’imatge que us hem lliurat avui per tal de poder pujar cada dia alguna foto de les activitats. Ja hem fer alguna i a final de setmana les tindreu totes a l’àlbum. Per ara us deixem aquestes d’esquena. Recordeu de signar el document i lliurar-ho demà.